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Internet in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is currently working to improve its Internet capabilities.  The main service provider is ONATEL (Office National des Telecommunications) but Teleglobe out of Canada has won the most recent bid for Internet service.  OMNES has been selected to build the network and service will be available for local call charges throughout the country. ONATEL is in the process of developing public Internet stations at regional location.  Currently ONATEL charges 8500 francs CFA to create an email account and a monthly subscription fee of 5200 francs CFA.  These charges are subject to an 18% tax as well.  Local calls cost 60 francs CFA per minute. The government also has a plan to develop a national information society in Burkina Faso. The plan would include networking government agencies, information management, networking of educational institutions and providing information access and delivery to the public.  The Delegation Generale a L'Informatique (DELGI) is the government agency supervising the plan.  The plan is anticipated to be complete by the year 2000.


Burkina Faso Internet Access Provider Lists

DELGI (French)





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