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Internet in Cote d'Ivoire

Internet access in Cote d'Ivoire was hampered by a state communications monopoly.  Yet, the government decided to put an end to this monopoly and now the market is wide open.  Telecommunications are controlled by an independent agency called Direction de la reglementation generale du ministere des Postes et Telecommunicaions.  AfricaOnline was the first full Internet service provider and it continues to be the largest.  The second largest ISP is Globe Access followed by three smaller services.  NetAfric, InerGroupe and AFNet are smaller but are continuing to fuel competition.  Monthly full internet access costs approximately 3000 francs CFA per hour or unlimited connection for 35000 francs CFA per month.  There are also drop-in services available at a cybercafe chain known as PrestaTechCafe.  


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