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Internet in Mauritania

The Office des postes et des Telecommunications (OPT) is the administrator of Internet service in Mauritania.  This office supplies Internet access to organizations and the public.  There is a special telephone number that allows a person to access the service throughout the country at a uniform rate but the fee is extremely high.  The charge to call this number is about 6.60 USD per hour plus tax.  The dial up access costs 30 USD per month.  Five companies are also allowed to resell OPT service to the private sector.  These are Top Technologies, BITS, Informa Bull, CompuNet and SIG.  Only Top Technologies is operational and it also provides service at cybercafes.  Costs are 450 O per hour at a cybercafe or 4500 O per month for 10 hours of service.  Unlimited access costs 15000 O per month.  



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