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Use of the Internet in Cameroon is growing in leaps and bounds.  There are two public server in Cameroon.  The first is CamFido and it is administrated by the Center for Health Technology (CHT).  Its goal is to provide inexpensive, reliable access for the public.  The only drawback is that the gateway for this server is GreenNet in London and a 14.4 modem is used to connect. Thus, service is extremely slow. Email is dumped only twice a day and also suffers from delays.  User fee is 75,000 francs CFA per year.  This fee includes set up costs.  Anyone accessing the network from outside the capital city must also pay a long distance fee.  The second is Camnet and it provides more technical services such as web page design and maintenance and creation of domain names, etc.  This service is geared more towards commercial endeavors.  

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