Internet in Djibouti

There is little connectivity in Djibouti.  The Societe des Telecommunications Internationales de Djibouti (STID) is responsible for international telecommunications and Internet services.  The Office des Postes et Telecommunications cares for the national network.  The STID set up a hub in 1996 called DJIBNET.  This office continues to be the ISP in Djibouti.  The country's telephone system is state-of-the-art including access to fiber optic network that travels under the sea from Asia to Africa to the Mediterranean.  Thus, many analysts believe that Djibouti has the potential to link many other African countries to more powerful Internet connections in the Mediterranean area and in the Middle East.  If this unfolds, Djibouti could expand Internet access for not only itself but for all of its African neighbors as well.


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