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Internet in Benin

Benin is an African country that is fairly well connected.  Benin connected in 1995 and, by 1996, the connection was opened up for public use.  The national node is linked via France Radio et Cable.  The United States Leland Initiative project hopes to increase the capability of the national node and, if necessary, use a VSAT satellite connection.  The Office des Postes et Telecommunications (OPT) runs the node.  There are six ISPs in Benin:  (1)OPT, (2)Centre Syfed-Refer, (3)The SECNI Society, (4)The Euraf Society, (5)MPREPE, and (6)The Kheir M. Kheir Society.  There are also numerous cybercenters where all users share a mail account and  have limited access.  In Benin, one minute online costs 51 francs CFA.  A monthly subscription to a service can cost 12,000 francs CFA and up.



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