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Internet in Botswana

Botswana has Internet access but, unfortunately, most is not public access.  There are four main access methods:  (1)HealthNet Botswana (gov't use), (2)University of Botswana, (3)IBIS(completely based in Botswana), and (4)Big Mathata's Fido.  IBIS is the quickest growing ISP and represents Compuserve Africa in Botswana.  A one month subscription of IBIS costs 53.57USD plus an additional 53.57USD registration fee.  Any additional email address on the account costs another 18USD per month.  Botswana can improve its Internet status by providing more public access sites. As a note, all sites hosted in Botswana that I have links to here are hosted by IBIS.  It seems to be the dominating ISP at this time.






Morama Community Junior Secondary School

Ledumang Senior Secondary School

Ministry of Education



The Botswana Gazette Internet Edition

Political Resocures on the Net - Botswana






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