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Internet in Gabon

Gabon has full Internet access throughout the country at the cost of a local call.  This service is provided by national telecommunications operator, Agence Commerciale des Reseaux et Serices a Valeur Ajoutee.  A private company called Internet Gabon has the right to resell the service through Compuserve.  The dial up service costs 9990 francs CFA to set up with a fee of 4500 francs CFA per month.  There is an additional usage fee of 7200 francs CFA per month for 5 hours of access time.  Unlimited usage costs 63000 francs CFA per month.  There is also a high fee for local calls which tacks additional expense onto a user's Internet costs.  A local call costs 90 francs CFA per 45 seconds which averages out to about 13.90 USD per hour!!



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