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Internet in Ghana

There is one main commercial service provider in Ghana.  It is called Network Computer Systems Limited.  Costs are 100 USD annual registration fee plus a monthly fee of 100 USD for full Internet access (email only is 40 USD per month).  Africa Online is another commercial ISP that is attempting to attract more users in Ghana.  This company gave away free email addresses at post offices with a low usage fee of .25 USD per message.  There are other private ISPs that serve a select poplulation.  These are:  African Universities Network, the University of Ghana, Ghastinet and HealthNet Ghana.  A company called Internet Ghana also operates cybercafes in the country.  Ghana's phone lines are still in poor condition but the government has made telecommunications improvements a priority.  Thus, the phone system is quickly being redone.   



Network Computer Systems Limited

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Internet Utilisation-GHANA



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