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Internet in Madagascar

Internet service in Madagascar has been provider for the past three years by a company called Data Telecom Services (DTS).  This service was a joint venture with the government and the country of France.  In 1998, Madagascar received funding from the USAID Leland Initiative Project to establish a local hub for independent ISP.  The following ISPs received licensing:  Creapro, Alias, Network, Communication Professionnelle, Simicro, Blanche Birger, Synergic Cyberspace and Vittel.  DTS remains the most inexpensive method of access due to its governmental association.  Monthly subscription is 610 FF per month.  The other ISPs have a set up fee of 2500-20000 FF with monthly fees of 2000-84000 FF.  Local calls also cost .28 FF per every 6 minutes.  



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