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Internet in Malawi

Full Internet services have been provided since 1997 by a company called MalawiNet.  Dial up access is available and all calls routed to the ISP are charged as local calls.  Costs for full service are a 4160 MK set up fee with a monthly subscription fee of 2500 MK per month.  The monthly fee includes 20 hours of access a month.  Additional time costs 1.6 MK per minute.  This is the only full service ISP but there are several email service providers.  These include:  BUMAS, Integrated Computers, Epsilon Omega and Unima.  The Ministry of Information, Posts and Telecommunications has also opened up the market to private ISPs and has allowed organizations and business to establish VSAT services.  Malawi also has a poor telephone system that is unreliable.  Local calls cost .60 MK per every 90 seconds or about 1.56 USD an hour.



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