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Internet in Senegal


Sonatel, provides a 1Mbps international link to the Internet via a satellite circuit via MCI to its backbone Internet service in the United States.  Sonatel resells the Internet service to ISPs which they are able to make available at the cost of a local call
anywhere in the country. To accomplish this Sonatel has established a special telephone number prefix (628-), which their accounting system uses to eliminate long distance tariffs. While this may result in some loss of telephone call revenues, it undoubtedly encourages the use of their service and eliminates the need for the extra hardware, leased lines and maintenance that would be required to provide local points of presence (POPs) in other city centres that would be necessary to set up a truly nationally accessible service. For rural areas which would still be a long-distance call away from any city centre, this facility is a real breakthrough.  ENDA, and Telecom-Plus were the first full service dialup providers.  Telecom-Plus charges Setup: 25 000 FCFA HTVA, Monthly: 10 000 FCFA HTVA.  There are also numerous cybercafes. 


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