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Internet in South Africa


Full Internet facilities are available throughout the country with about 150 Internet service providers around the
country.  The number of Internet users in the country is currently estimated at between 700 000 and 800 000.  With so
many service providers, a segmentation of the market can be observed - there are the premium services which
provide more international bandwidth and more modems per user, and the smaller, cheaper services which
have slower links and fewer modems per user.  While the costs of access are generally affordable in most cities due to the presence of local points of presence (POPs), there is no low cost method of access outside of these areas. Dialup Internet access costs $10-$20 /month. Local calls cost US$1.6/hr at peak times.  In general the South African business community has rapidly adopted the use of the Internet, with most advertisements now carrying a URL. Roadside billboards advertise the Internet, most television and radio shows have their own web site and about 20 daily and weekly newspapers have online versions. Electronic banking, events booking/ticketing and online purchases of most major products are possible through local Internet service providers, many of which have established secure servers and electronic commerce facilities.  South Africa ranks in the top 20 countries for the number of Internet hosts.

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