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Internet in Zimbabwe

ZPTC, contracted Global-One to establish a large scale national and International Internet backbone with a 256kbps link to the US and POPs in the four major cities. The service is operated as a wholesale facility for resale by the private ISPs.  I've included some links to these ISPs below.   Zimbabwe has a limited but slowly improving telephone network in general with some areas of severe problems (poor reliability and long waiting lists for lines).   Dialup accounts cost about US$40 for unlimited full-Internet access at most of the commercial service providers.  Mango's email accounts cost 20ZD / month + 0.15ZD / Kb sent or received.  Local calls cost about US$0.60/hour.  There are also Internet cafes in Zimbabwe such as Icafe (listed below).




Internet Unlimited (PIPEX)

Samara Internet Services


Zimbabwe Meteorological Services Dept.

Zimbabwe Ministry of Education


University of Zimbabwe

Prince Edward School


Financial Gazette

The Herald

Zimbabwe Independent

Zimbabwe Standard


Welcome to Africa Online (Zimbabwe)




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